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Out-of-Home Digital Signage | Smart Outdoor Billboards | Indoor Displays

Our Digital Signage, Smart Billboards and Signage Solutions are of high-end technology, allowing local and international brands to reach and connect to the ‘hardest to reach premium audience’. Our Large & Small Format sites are strategically located on specifically selected roads and junctions & the bussiest public areas, maximize impact and return-on-investment.

We achieve these results by implementation of the latest display technology and data science analytics.


LED Billboards & Smart Signage

With LED billboards, LED Burners & Smart Billboards, you have the perfect solution in hand to show your audience dynamic advertisements with high-attention value. Custom design and quality are key features of every Braamburg Display. We are always excited to take part in your next billboard and sigane advertising campaign!

Through our Innovative Out-of-Home Advertising, we build and continue to grow strategically a portfolio of Digital Billboards and other Smart Indoor/Outdoor Displays on the busiest Streets & Highways, shopping malls and other busy commercial spaces. 


Our Digital Billboard & Signage Advertising capabilities include Social Media Integration, Data Driven Conditional Content  (E.g. Weather, Temperature, Time), Real-Time Remote Content Update, as well as Interactive Touch-Screens in indoor/outdoor public spaces. 

Our Technology Features
  • Flexible – Engage and develop a dialogue with consumers through unlimited creative executions, using a variety of digital and smart outdoor signs.

  • Time-Sensitive & Data Driven Content – With Integration of Technology, Digital enables instantaneous creative updates and the ability to respond in real-time to current events and market conditions, as well as time dependant adverts.

  • Targeted – Impact specific geographic and demographic audiences closer to the point of sale.

  • Efficient – Optimize ad spend and work synergistically with other media providers and data analysts to enhance ROI.

  • Positioned on highly visible, heavy traffic locations such as expressways and major roadways, as well as other indoor public spaces, such as malls and shopping centers. 

Contract Terms
  • Digital spots can be purchased in a variety of time lengths from a day up to one year long campaigns, with flexibility to adjust, modify or change content.

  • Purchased individually, in network packages or by rating point level.

  • Purchased in

    • once off mass campaign packages or

    • a custom rating point level ussually for a much slower and longer "conistant brand awareness" campaigns.


At Braamburg Media, its always day one!

We have channeled our focus to driving local and international brands through a smart hybrid service, integrading out-of-home advertising with the latest data driven analytics and display technology available today.

With digital transformation as our founding motto, we believe the future of out-of-home advertising is digital, and the future is now. 

At Braamburgheart is a daily quest to partner and provide services to Corporations, Brand & Marketing Executives, as well as their Marketing Agencies...